Red Dot: Best of the Best 2023 & Red Dot Design Award 2023

pro-beam PB EBM 30S & PB WEBAM 100

Red Dot: Best of the Best + Red Dot Award 2023 2023

Red Dot: Best of the Best & Red Dot Design Award 2023

We are very happy about two awards with the "Red Dot Design Award 2023" for the PB WEBAM 100 and the "Red Dot: Best of the Best", the highest award of the competition, for the PB EBM 30S of the pro-beam Group in the Category "Product Design"!

With the awards, the jury of the renowned Red Dot Design Awards honors the characteristic design of the pro-beam systems. The redesign of the machines was specifically geared to the needs of the operators. It impresses with a new modular design, clear design language, general user-friendliness and aesthetics. This creates process and handling security as well as a positive working environment for the employees. In addition, safety and a compact and contemporary design that differentiates itself from the competition were the focus of design development.

The PB EBM 30S additively manufactures detailed metal components in a powder bed. In addition to the process and supply units, this production system is characterized by a lock and a transport unit for maximum productivity. The PB WEBAM 100 is an electron beam system for wire-based additive manufacturing of metal components. The system consists of a process unit with a vacuum chamber and a compact supply unit, the POWERCUBE.